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 Black and White

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PostSubject: Re: Black and White   Sat Nov 11, 2017 10:53 am

Lightrain nods. "Okay, okay. How about we move on the second part of our eval, shall we?"

Jazz doesn't say anything, and Lightrain continues. "Have you felt the urge to take over the world? Any megalomania we need to address?"

Jazz snorts, and shakes his head. "Naw, mech. Ain' mah speed. Have ya actually thought about how much work would go inta runnin' th' world? Not worth it."

"Is that right? Isn't there a fair amount of work being Head of Special Ops and TIC?"

"Well, yeah, but I procrastinate on that, too. 'S a lot of paperwork, an' paperwork is borin'."

"And if you had someone to take care of the day to day stuff, would you consider world domination?"

"If ya wanna get technical, Ah already do, but like Ah said, 's too much work." Jazz laughs. "Also, try an' phrase these questions differently when ya question Raj an' Prowler. Ya leave an' openin' like that, they'll jus' take advantage."
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PostSubject: Re: Black and White   Sat Nov 11, 2017 11:54 am

Lightrain blinks. "Mirage and Prowl. I have heard things about them."

"Prolly from Vesper."

"Actually, yes."

"Mostly lies." Jazz says dismissively. "Vesper's gullible an' they take advantage."

Lightrain snorts. "Yes, well, that's what you get for leaving an opening for the masters of tac and stealth. I've heard stories about some of your ops."

Jazz grins. "What kinda stories?"

"The minefield incident?"

"Now that's totally true."
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PostSubject: Re: Black and White   Yesterday at 1:14 pm

Lightrain blinks. "Is it really?"

"Yup. Lemme show ya th' footage sometime." Jazz grins. "It shouldn' have worked. But it did. An' Ah gotta say, runnin' through that field was prolly one of th' most terrifyin' times o' mah life. Ah'd do it again in a spark-beat, don' get meh wrong, but at th' time? Ya better believe we were runnin' pretty light-footedly."

That actually makes Lightrain burst out laughing, which makes Jazz grin wider. "Remind me to take you up on that offer of the footage."

"Mech, we'll turn it inta movie night, assumin' ya survive Prowler an' Raj. Ya make it through them, an' ya might end up stuck wit us. No other shrink's been able ta get past Raj yet."

"Prowl hasn't been evaluated?"

Jazz tilts his helm. "Nope. No one told meh he was supposed ta be, so he never went with us ta be evaluated. Ah mean, he's been evaluated by th' general shrink we've got around here, everyone has, but not exclusively for ops, no."

Lightrain grins. "Well, he's not getting out of it this time."

"Honestly, Doc? Ah don' think he wants ta. Ah think he's lookin' forward ta messin' with ya little. He gets jealous when he hears how Raj wound th' last one up." Jazz laughs. "So, be on yer toes. Yer gonna have a long day."
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PostSubject: Re: Black and White   

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Black and White
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